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Little appears to be known about Achille Leonardi himself although his paintings can be found in collections around the world.  Achille lived in Rome in the period between 1800 and 1870.
Owners of some of the paintings shown here have provided background on how the paintings came into their hands. Some came from deceased estates and others were sold because the original owners suffered financial failures. However, the present owners all express their love of their paintings and have in many cases had the works restored at substantial costs. Many of the works now hang in countries as distributed as Argentina, Australia,  Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands and Unites States.  You can always find records of their sale at worldwide auctions.

Where Achille Leonardi lived in Rome

Achille always lived near the arti district of Rome.  Two addresses were prominent. He maintained studios on Via del Baubino (street of the Baboons) at two different addresses at different times.  Prior to that he lived at Via del Quattro Fontane (Street of four fountains).  Addresses were usually included with his signatire on the paintings.
 Via del Babuino 66
Read about the street. - Italian (7.7Mb) - English (102KB)
 Via del Quattro Fontane 17
Number 17, on the right, no longer exists. A new building was erected there in 1936. The old residence was located on property within the Babarini Palace.

This website was established to consolidate as much information about the 19th century Italian artist Achille Leonardi as possible into one place.  If you have a work of Achille Leonardi, I would very much appreciate information about it and a photo or two.  You may email me at kurt@marquart.org