Achille Leonardi - ArtistAchille Leonardi - Artist

Linda di Chamuonix - The scene is Carlos and Linda in the Chamounix Valley with Mont Blanc in the background.

In 1842 Gaetano Donizetti composed a Melodramma semiserio in three acts called "Linda di Chamounix". In the opera the family farm is in Haute Savoie located in a valley in Ambo.

Beatrix Cenci - Different renditions of the famous scene of Linda before her execition. This was a topic that Achille repeatedly copied from the original. During this time Achille lived at an apartment within the grounds of Palazzo Barberini on Via Quatro Fontana. The Barberini family owned the original artwork which was the basis for the later work. The original portrait of Beatrice still hangs in the Palazzo Barberini gallery.

Other artworks attributed to Achille Leonardi. Some are copies of works by famous earlier artists.

Fake claims - The name of Achille Leonardi and fake versions of his signature have appeared on art for sale.  Be careful not to acquire these as genuine.